We Will Rock You (Young@Part)
Adult: £12.00
Student: £6.00
Concessions: £6.00

We Will Rock You (Young@Part)

Sunday 26th March 2023, Shows at 12pm and 2.30pm


The Arts Hub presents this popular jukebox musical based on the music of the amazing Queen as it makes it’s Island debut!

Set 300 years in the future, the earth (now called iPlanet) is controlled by the evil Killer Queen who has outlawed real, live music.  A group of Bohemian rebels hide in the wastelands waiting for ‘the dreamer’ to help them bring rock music back. Will they find him? Will they defeat Killer Queen? You’ll have to come and join us and rock out to find out!


12pm show: doors open 11.30am. Approx finish: 1pm

2.30pm show: doors open 2.00pm. Approx finish: 3.30pm

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